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Knowledge Hound

Meet KnowledgeHound, software that helps market researchers, marketers and sales teams find, visualize and analyze quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies. We believe in sharing and reusing information to reduce waste and that the answers you need are already within arms reach. 



On Demand Dry Cleaning based in Chicago which pick ups and delivers laundry and dry cleaning directly from customers.  
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home chef

Home Chef is a delivery based service delivering fresh ingredients and recipes for customers to cook at home and are currently covering 60% of US.
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Luna Lights

Luna Lights is an automated light system to provide a guided pathway during the night. The system helps increase safety and prevent night-time falls in older adults.  


print with me

Print with me is a easy and convenient way to print. Customers can print from any devices via email and then pay for the print job with the secure app. 



Tiz is an easy way to place orders with alcohol distributors. This platform allows bars, restaurants, and hotels to place all their beverage orders with one online system. 


Avail is an online landlord platform which allows them to easily list units, collect rent, and track maintenance requests. 



VirtualKey is is an automated software system that allows you to manage access to your vacation rentals and housing without having to provide a real key.